Waiting on Waiting

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I am sorry this is so long overdue and wasn’t up weeks ago! To update you all, we are fully funded and waiting on my VISA. It turns out since Lindsey doesn’t have a resident card in the European Union we are unable to do the family reunification VISA like we originally thought and hoped. It will likely be at least another three weeks before everything is in order and we are cleared to leave.

So we have simply been waiting. Waiting while we wait. In all honesty, it has been a bit discouraging going from support raising where everything just seemed to fall into place to waiting. However, the thing everyone points out and what we believe is that God’s timing is the best timing. We are holding onto that as we impatiently wait for time to move forward.

When I complain about the waiting I don’t mean to say it’s all bad. It’s actually been really quite nice. It has given us extra time to spend with our friends and family which is incredibly valuable to us as we are preparing to move. There was also an amazing opportunity to go to Convoy of Hope International’s At Home Week event in Springfield, Missouri. It was a packed week and a great opportunity to meet all kinds of people that we may be working with in the future. It is such a neat blessing to be a part of such an awesome organization.

When I say awesome organization, I mean that there was some awe happening at how great it was. The people, the culture, the planning, the vision, the heart, all of it. My Master’s was in organizational communication, so I studied quite a bit into what makes organizations function properly. COH is a one of a kind organization and we are so honored and blessed to get to join the ranks as Missionary Associates to Convoy of Hope Europe.

So that’s what is happening. Just waiting everyday for the mail to be delivered and bring us good news! Pray for efficient and speedy turnaround time for my VISA and for patience for us as we wait.


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