Talk about a whirlwind!


The Grand Place Brussels, Belgium

Lindsey and I arrived in Belgium at 7:15 am local time on Thursday morning. The team here at Convoy of Hope Europe has been absolutely great. Our first day here they kept us awake and fed until 9pm local time. That means we were awake for over 36 hours before we actually slept. So that first day, we went through things like shopping and getting cell phones worked out in a total haze.

The next day we spent sleeping in and overcoming jet lag. It’s a strange thing to wake up at 5am and be wide awake. I don’t recommend trying it. We are currently staying on the third floor of the office building where we will be working, so that will take a bit of getting used to. I imagine it will be a tough thing to separate work life from home life when the two are in the same place. That’s just another thing we will have to work out! Though, thankfully it is only temporary and a housing arrangement is getting worked out soon.

Monday was May Day and Belgian Labor Day, so the office was closed. I had my first experience driving in a different country that day! A team member is currently in Albania and was gracious (foolish?) enough to let us drive her car while she is gone. We went into Brussels and visited the Grand Place for the first time of hopefully many, since we live here now. That’s the thought we kept having driving around. “We live here now. This is home.” I only broke the car once so far, so it is going very well.

We are so thankful to finally be here. Thank you all for the support and patience and generosity. We literally couldn’t be here without you. We are excited to finally be part of such an amazing team.


3 thoughts on “Talk about a whirlwind!”

  1. Lindsey and Zachary,
    Happy to hear you are settling into your new life in Belgium. Will be praying for you guys.
    Shari Parker

  2. Payne clan,

    it is a supreme delight to know you are finally in Belgium. I look forward to the adventure ahead and the stories to come. May this be a time of enduring to remember the protection of God by His power and your faith in Him. I am encouraged much by the last update! I will continue to pray for you.

    In Christ,
    Cliff Dailey

  3. Praying that everything gets settled soon with a home out of the office. Praying psalms 91 over you guys with all the new excitment and being away on the missions field. Lord bless your servants

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