On Track


The last month has been among the busiest of my short life. Each weekend we travel and meet with as many people as we can. Our goal is not only to raise funds, but to build a support network for the next stage in our life. We are moving to a place that we don’t speak the language (yet) and where we know less than ten people. That’s why support here is so important. To know that there are people here who support what we are doing, pray for us, and will be there when we need something is a huge comfort and blessing.

We are currently at one-third of our budget for monthly commitments. We have been traveling nearly every weekend trying to keep our goal of $500 in commitments per month to get to the field by January. That is a lot, but everyone we meet with is so full of encouragement that it is a constant reminder to not be worried about raising the funds because it is in God’s hands. When we meet with people, we are reminded that the owner of the universe is on our side and supporting us. That kind of support is good to keep away worries.

The next step is exciting, nerve-wracking, and a complete change from what we have been doing. It will be a new culture to acclimate to, new norms to learn, and a different kind of people to reach. I know God will be going before us, I know he’ll work it all out. The good news is, that when you take it one step at time and that step is taken trusting God, he will reward that. So the future is unfamiliar, but unfamiliarity will lead to great opportunities.


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