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I have officially submitted my final assignment for my graduate program and I am now, Zach Payne, Master of Organizational Communication! Or, Master of Arts Missionary Associate Zach Payne (MAMA Zach Payne). It was a long year and half that flew by incredibly quickly. I know that doesn’t quite make sense, but that’s the way it feels. I learned a whole lot of really good stuff that will help a lot in the future. What is really exciting is that I can finally fully focus on what is ahead!

Our plan is still to leave in January for Belgium and begin working with Convoy of Hope Europe. As you may or may not know, January is next month. It is so very close, but I was not able to fully focus on it because I had a lot of trouble concentrating on my schoolwork when I looked ahead. But now it’s like a weight is off my shoulder and I can finally spring toward the next stage in life!

We have a lot to do still, but I’m not worried. We are working on my visa process and praying that gets taken care of very quickly since Lindsey is a dual citizen and all. We are also INCREDIBLY close to being fully funded. Literally less than $100/month away from 100%. You all that have supported us are incredible and we are so very thankful for all of you.

At the beginning of this year, we challenged God to get everything together before 2017, and He has come through above and beyond and abundantly so. It was a challenge because not only is that a short time to raise all of the funds, but the Master’s program I was in is two years. But God worked every single step of the way and continue to go before us leading us where He wants us. It is so humbling and awesome to be a part of God’s plan and for it to work out like it is.

So now it’s time for Christmas and New Years with our families and friends, then lots of packing, then moving!


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