Just an Honest Post


It has been my turn to post for the last two weeks. I have been avoiding it because… I’m not exactly sure why. I had a few things written that were okay, but they didn’t feel genuine and my voice wasn’t coming through. It was like I was writing for someone else instead of me. I think it’s because I am trying to sound… I guess better put together than I actually am for this. It is like I have to try and make it a little bit extra spiritual or advice-y, but I don’t have advice to give.

So, I am writing this instead. Just an honest post about what I feel. When we first started our support raising, I was very excited because I want to do fundraising for Convoy of Hope in the future and thought this would be great practice to dip my feet into. But now that it is actually here and the responsibility is upon us, it is pretty scary. When I sold cars, I was offering something to the people who were spending their money. It was an exchange of goods. But now, it’s just Lindsey and me and we have to raise 100% of our, compared to what we’re used to, hefty budget.

I want to just get over there and start making a difference, but it isn’t that easy. There are steps involved and some steps are bigger, or at least look and feel bigger, than others. This is just the biggest step to get there. We have to meet with our friends and family and ask them to support us. That doesn’t sound that bad, and I guess it really isn’t. But there is a big hesitation now that it is happening because I am well aware how things get uncomfortable when money is brought up. But it needs to happen. I guess I just need to remember what we learned, this is God’s ministry and although money is being given to us, it is actually going to Him to further His Kingdom. We are just the foot soldiers to get it done. It isn’t that we are “selling ourselves” but we are giving an opportunity for our friends and family members; for strangers and churches to join in God’s mission through us. It’s all ministry and those who send are just as important as those who go.

This is a bit of different style post than what I was originally planning, it’s less for the reader and more for me to get my thoughts out there. I hope that you still enjoy it and like it though!


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