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First of all, I  want to apologize for the lack of posting last week. It was my turn and I got busy with school and it got away from me. So, sorry about that. But me being busy got me thinking that I haven’t really explained what I am studying and why!

I am getting a Master’s degree in organizational communication. I’m scheduled to graduate in December of this year and Lindsey and I hope to be in Brussels by January of 2017. Organizational communication is essentially how organizations communicate within and without the organization. That is, manager to employee and employees to customers. My main focus is on the now largest generational cohort in the workplace: Millennials.

First off, I am bias because I am a Millennial and we have a pretty bad reputation in the workplace. For example, we are described as being selfish, lazy, and entitled. What I’ve learned from research, however, is that those ideas are actually only one-half of the coin. There is an equally large portion of studies that show Millennials are actually self-less, work hard for causes they believe in, and bring a new perspective to old problems. I am hoping to find what motivates Millennials like me.

In the realm of Convoy of Hope Europe, I hope my studies will help improve the efficiency of communication to its employees and to those interested in partnering with them. I hope I don’t come off as a typical Millennial with my aspirations, but I think my area will be beneficial.

God lead me to this point and I am trusting he will use what I learn here for good!


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