A New Post!

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It’s been my turn for a blog for around a moth now. I haven’t been avoiding it, per se. But I haven’t made it a priority. I’m sorry for that. But I did write a blog about a week ago! But it was far too similar to a post I wrote months ago. Lindsey also pointed out that it had the same theme as all my other posts—the difficulty of focusing on the present when the future is so near. So, I will try writing this without any of that theme in it—but no promises!

School is back in session now! I’m enjoying it quite a bit. It’s my last semester before I must legally be addressed as, “Master Payne.” That’s not true. It’s actually, “Zach Payne—Master Communicator.” (That’s a joke. Anyone who talks to me will quickly learn that I am no master.) It is also the least busy I have been since starting school since I am only taking two classes. It’s like being in a different gear. But that is okay since there are so many Missionary things I have to do.

Lindsey and I are focusing on the Illinois side of things this month. That means two things: 1. Less traveling on the weekends. 2. It’s all on me. When we were travelling nearly every weekend, Lindsey had to do everything for Cincinnati since it was her friends and family we met with. When we went to Springfield we knew the same people. That meant we could at least share the work, even if Lindsey still did much more than me. But now, it’s all mine! It’s my friends and my family.  I use a giant calendar for my schoolwork. It helps me keep on track and not procrastinate as much as I am capable of and last night I planned out everything I need to do for missionary work as well. It filled up very quickly and now I am busy the whole month. That is what I need to do though, so do that I shall.