The Puzzles of Life

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Just had an incredibly encouraging meeting with great friends, and what an encouraging meeting it was! One theme that came up in our discussions was how God can bring together the many puzzle pieces in our life to fulfill the visions and dreams he gives to us.

You see, sometimes God places a series of passions or callings in our life that don’t seem to add up. He hands us puzzle pieces that just don’t fit together, and we search and struggle, twisting and turning the pieces he has handed us, trying to figure how on earth they could possibly fit together.

Then when it seems impossible, we doubt. We wonder if those puzzle pieces, those passions, are really from God, or if we have worked ourselves up, and are just lost and confused.

God has handed me a myriad of puzzle pieces in my life. As he handed me one “puzzle piece” – one calling, passion, or skill set after another, instead of my future becoming more clear it seemed to be less and less logical.

Today, I praise God, because the pieces are coming together and I am seeing how these bizarre mix of talents and desires will fit so wonderfully into the future God has been preparing me for all along.

So be encouraged and take heart. If God has called you to something, or multiple somethings, that just don’t “add up,” remember, God has called you to those things with a plan and a purpose.

As you read this, I pray that God blesses you as you search out and live out that perfect plan that God has for you. After all, what could be better than working in the will of God and knowing that the God of the universe is on your side?


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