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Here I am sitting at my kitchen table, writing one Thank You card after another. Trying in each one to express the depth of what each person’s support, prayers and encouragement really do mean for us and God’s kingdom. All in just a few short words…

I just finished reading through the Bible from start to finish in about 100 days. It was a bit of a daunting task, but worth it to be sure. I used to think of the Bible as this compilation of all sorts of different texts, letters and stories, all stuck together. I see now how wrong that is.

After reading from Genesis 1:1 to Revelation 22:21 in less than 4 months, I have seen the thoroughness with which each book and verse comes together, one after the other, in perfect unison. It is a journey, detailing God’s relationship with his beloved people, from the beginning of creation to the redemption of humanity, to the future ultimate salvation that is still yet to come. And each piece from the genealogical records to the psalms of mourning and praise is critical to capturing the full depth of the Bible – God’s story and ours.

It is because of the majesty and beauty of this history, detailed so thoroughly in the Bible, that we are doing all of this. And so every time a person chooses to support what we’re doing, they are supporting so much more than I could ever express. Each prayer, each encouraging word, each monthly commitment, and each donation is another person extending their reach into the spiritual realm and fighting for the Kingdom of God.

This may come off strong, over spiritualized, or dramatic, but I don’t believe it is. So to all of you have offered us that support, in anyway, please accept this as a small reflection of our deep thanks, because without you… well, I don’t know where we’d be.


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