T Minus 5 Days!


Would you believe it? Today is our last Friday in the States! Next Wednesday we will board a flight to Belgium and the following morning, we will arrive in Brussels, Belgium – our new home.

The world will keep on spinning, but our life is changing for good. I admit that it’s all a bit overwhelming. My brain is on overload and as the days go by and the nights come and go, it is harder and harder to sit still. Yet stillness is key.

Taking time and making the effort to continually turn to God in all of this – check in with Him – make sure our attitudes our in check, our perspective is balanced and healthy. It would be a huge mistake to try to make this life change without staying closely in tune with him.

So now, we are preparing. At any rate, our bags are out, our stuff is everywhere, and everyday I am more and more excited. In fact, we 3 out of 8 of our bags packed! Yes, that’s right – we will have 8 suitcases with us. A lot of people have asked if it’s difficult trying to decide what to bring and what to leave. The answer is – YES. There are needs, and there are wants, and it’s simply a matter of simplifying and prioritizing… and hoping we can come back for more stuff when we next come to visit.

We’re honestly not sure when that will be, but nonetheless, we will be back. We keep holding onto that thought as we prepare to leave and say goodbye.

I don’t think the sadness of saying goodbye to friends and family has hit yet. It doesn’t quite seem real to me yet that we’re saying goodbye for so long… but when it is, it will be very difficult. Wednesday will be a bittersweet day if ever there was one.


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  1. We certainly are going to desperately miss the two of you!!! However, God’s will must come first above all else!!!!!!!!

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