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Every morning I go for a 10-or-so minute walk around the neighborhood to talk to God at the start of my day. And almost every day I end up both thanking God for all He has done and then explaining to Him why despite all of this, I’m still worried about raising all of our support and making this move happen.

This morning it was no different. I recently made a mistake in our records that made us think we had extra commitments than we did, so I’ve been a bit disappointed this week to find that we’ve actually got more to raise than I thought.  So as I talked to God about it, and asked Him to help us raise the rest of it, Just as I was getting ready to tell him (as usual), that I trusted him, but I was still having trouble not worrying, He stopped me. He walked me back, one miracle after another, through all of the times when God had proved himself, and I had been overcome with gratefulness and humility, each time realizing how silly it was to ever think God didn’t have it in his hand.

Our lives have been filled with miracles. For my sake, and perhaps yours, allow me to share some with you:

  • When we planned to move to Roxana with no job lined up, it was a miracle that my work asked me to stay on remotely just a couple of days before I left
  • When we made the first payment of graduate school, knowing that we couldn’t afford any payments after that, it was a miracle that Zach was given a Graduate Assistantship so that we were refunded our money, and he was paid to go to school
  • When we were worried that he wouldn’t be able to graduate in time for our departure date, it was a miracle that his professors moved things around so he could
  • As we prayed and prayed for friendships and relationships to sustain us in a new country, it was a miracle that God introduced us to another young married couple who will be in Belgium with us next year
  • It is a miracle that each of our supporters have chosen to invest in God’s kingdom through us and our mission
  • It is a miracle that with under two months left before we hope to leave, we are only $500 a month away from being fully funded
  • It is a miracle that God gave both Zach and I the same calling on our lives before we even met and fell in love

Our lives have been full of miracles, and if you want to hear more of them and the miracles that got us to where we are today, or to share some of the miracles in your life with us, we’d love to sit down and share with you.

James 1:6-7 says “But when you ask, you must believe and not doubt, because the one who doubts is like a wave of the sea, blown and tossed by the wind. That person should not expect to receive anything from the Lord.” (NIV)

So the next time you find yourself praying for something over and over again – take a few minutes to stop and write down all of the miracles you’ve already seen in your life, and let the evidence fuel your faith and your prayers.


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