3 Months and Counting


My goodness, how time has flown! SO much has happened in the past month, so brace yourself for an info-packed post…

So here we are, 3 MONTHS from leaving, and at 75% of our monthly budget. Right. on. Target. I can’t begin to express to you how good God is and how He has shown himself in all of this. From the start of this journey our prayer has been that God would lead us to the right people to join our team, and that God would also lead them to us, and has He ever! So with that said, if you are one of our supporters and you are reading this, please know that we are so thankful for you, and honored to have you backing us. You are a BLESSING.

In other news, last week we returned from a week and a half of security training and pre-field orientation with the Assemblies of God. It was a packed schedule of  speakers and learning sessions from 8-4 every day. We were surrounded all week by so many other Missionary Associates all going out into the world to spread the love of Christ to so many people in so many ways. We met a wonderful couple from Texas to work with women recovering from human trafficking in Costa Rica. We met with a wonderful woman who is heading to Northern Africa to be a witness to Muslims who don’t know what they’re missing! We even met another married couple who are going to Brussels, Belgium as soon as November, and whom we are so excited to see on the other side of the pond!

During this week we also heard from experienced missionaries who have experience first-hand the spiritual, physical, and emotional difficulties that are often faced on the field.  It has been a humbling month and all-in-all, we are encouraged, inspired, and excited to go.

Please pray for Zach and me as we get closer to go-time. It is becoming more and more difficult to focus on today’s tasks and priorities, our lives are becoming busier, and stresses are increasing. It is important for us to develop healthy, effective habits now for maintaining a healthy spiritual life and for dealing with stress so that when we get on the field we can move forward unencumbered by these things.

Your prayers are support are truly precious to us. If there is anyway we can be praying for you, please, let us know!



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