January 26, 2016


  1. What does it mean to be a Missionary Associate?

A Missionary Associate is someone who goes on a long-short-term mission trip. We will be gone for two years as MAs and will be doing whatever work they need us to do during that time. It is a program by the Assemblies of God as a way for people who may want to go into the mission field but aren’t quite sure if it’s for them.

  1. Where are you going?

We are going to be living in Waterloo, Belgium which is not very far outside of Brussels. However, it is likely we will be in several different countries that need us. For example, Kirstin, a Missionary Associate who has been there for quite some time, spends a lot of her time in Siberia. Hopefully we will spend our time in warmer places, but we will gladly go wherever needs us most. To send us letters, however, you will write to Waterloo, Belgium.

  1. Why?

Well, this is something that Lindsey and I have been dreaming of for a very long time. I (Zach) felt like I was supposed to go to Europe in early high school after a missionary came to our church and talked about how depressing Russia is. I have a huge overabundance of joy in my life because of Jesus and, in my mind, people missing out on that joy is incredibly sad. Lindsey went on a mission trip with Convoy of Hope Europe and fell in love with it there. She then went back the next summer and interned with them and while there God put on her heart the burden of Europe.

  1. Will you ever come back?

We are not sure what God has in store for us after our two-year term. We are committed to Convoy of Hope’s mission and would like to make a career out of it, but what exactly that looks like we do not know.

  1. What is Convoy of Hope Europe and what do they do?

Get ready to get blown away because it is awesome. Convoy of Hope Europe is a nonprofit organization that specializes in disaster relief, community outreach, and their special Adopt-A-Community program. COHEU is the perfect example of what it means to be the hands and feet of Christ. Through their Adopt-A-Community program they make a long term impact in places where poverty and hopelessness is overwhelming. They go to poverty stricken communities to show a love in action that is beyond anything of this world. For example, they currently have a huge presence in two refugee camps in France where they feed hundreds of people every day—people that the rest of the world tries to ignore. In Siberia, they’re building churches. In communities all over Europe they are feeding those who have been dealt a bad lot in life. In short, Convoy of Hope Europe shows God’s love and spreads hope to places that have long forgotten what hope is.

  1. When are you going?

I (Zach) am currently in a Master’s program at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville for interpersonal and organizational communication. While going to school, Lindsey and I will also be support raising in that time. The goal is, Lord willing, to raise our full budget while I am in school, graduate in December of 2016, and leave in January of 2017.

  1. How does your budget work?

You donate monthly to Assemblies of God World Missions using our account number. AGWM then gives it to us. It all happens because of your support.

  1. How much do you have to raise?

That’s a great question that we don’t know the exact answer to yet. As soon as we find out we will let you know! At this point we think it will be around $5000-6000 a month.

  1. How can I help?

Two ways: Pay and Pray. Living in Europe isn’t cheap and we won’t really be able to get part time jobs while we are over there—our ministry is our work. Through your monthly support, which is TAX DEDUCTABLE, you allow us to survive there. But, money without prayer isn’t that great. We need as much prayer as we can. For protection, wisdom, opportunities, and everything else that is involved with overseas missions work. It’s a lot to ask for, I know, but if just 300 people give $20/month, we will have our budget raised. Many hands make light work.

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  1. Won’t you miss us?

Some of you.

Just kidding. Yes, of course we will!


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