1. Why?

Well, this is something that Lindsey and I have been dreaming of for a very long time. I (Zach) felt like I was supposed to go to Europe in early high school after a missionary came to our church and talked about how depressing Russia is. I have a huge overabundance of joy in my life because of Jesus and, in my mind, people missing out on that joy is incredibly sad. Lindsey went on a mission trip with Convoy of Hope Europe and fell in love with it there. She then went back the next summer and interned with them and while there God put on her heart the burden of Europe.

2. What is Convoy of Hope Europe and what do they do?

Get ready to get blown away because it is awesome. Convoy of Hope is a nonprofit organization that specializes in disaster relief, community outreaches, children’s feeding, agriculture, and women’s empowerment. COHEU is the perfect example of what it means to be the hands and feet of Christ. Through their community development programs they make a long term impact in places where poverty and hopelessness is overwhelming. They go to poverty stricken communities to show a love in action that is beyond anything of this world. For example, in communities all over Europe they are helping those who have been dealt a bad lot in life. In short, Convoy of Hope shows God’s love and spreads hope to places that have long forgotten what hope is.

3. When are you coming back?

We moved away from the US in April, 2017. To be completely honest with you, we’re not sure if we are coming back. We followed God’s direction to Belgium and now England. We will follow him wherever he takes us, and if he leads us back to the US – to the US we will go! In the meantime, our sites are set on our future here, in England.

4. What were you doing in Belgium?

Convoy of Hope’s European headquarters were located in Brussels, Belgium. We moved from Illinois to live in Belgium and work with Convoy of Hope there. It was a wonderful time. However, there has been a need for Convoy of Hope representatives located in England, to further their purposes in the UK. As Lindsey is a British citizen, we have now relocated to England to continue working remotely for Convoy of Hope from here.

5. How does your budget work?

We used to be funded as missionaries (people like you gave money to the AGWM that would then be given to us for us to live off of.) Now, we are independent contractors. This means we are paid to do what we do, by organisations like Convoy of Hope, who is our primary partner.

6. How can I help?

Pray. We need as much prayer as we can. For protection, wisdom, opportunities, and everything else that is involved with overseas missions work. If you are interested in receiving email updates from us so you can know how to pray for us, let us know!

7. Won’t you miss us?

Some of you.
Just kidding. Yes, of course we will!

Feel free to contact us with more questions that you would like to see answered!