Calling All Prayer Warriors

Last week was an amazing, unexpected, and much-needed time of prayer and encouragement for Zach and me. New Hope Church sent their young adults team on their very first missions trip (yay!!) to Brussels, Belgium to work with us! First, let me take a moment to express how humbling and honoring it is that they […]

Smile. This is Where I Find My Strength

Some of you know that we have had our ups and downs since we have been here. The big picture of God’s work in Europe is exciting, impactful, and inspiring – but when you zoom in on the day-to-day grind of office life and seemingly insignificant challenges, it’s not always so beautiful. During these times […]

Wait, Watch, Pray

As I sit here in Poland’s international airport waiting for my connecting flight to Slovakia, I can’t help but be reflective over the past few months. Zach and I moved to Belgium 4 months ago on Saturday and it seems like a lifetime ago. Since moving we have helped with community outreaches and missions teams […]


What do you write about when everything has changed? When you are building a whole new network of relationships around you, when the nature of your life work is completely new, when you’re surrounded by an entirely different culture and language, when you are adjusting to a new life in every sense of the word […]

T Minus 5 Days!

Would you believe it? Today is our last Friday in the States! Next Wednesday we will board a flight to Belgium and the following morning, we will arrive in Brussels, Belgium – our new home. The world will keep on spinning, but our life is changing for good. I admit that it’s all a bit […]

Tick Tock Goes the Clock

The Clock is Ticking. Earlier this week Zach and I received a phone call from the Belgium Consulate in New York in regards to our VISA and were told…. Drum roll please…. Our VISA should be arriving in about 2 weeks! 2 WEEKS. So what does this mean, you might ask? Well, it means the […]

Answer to Prayer

Today, I write this with a broken heart. Today, I cry for my friends and family who do not know the love of Christ. People whom I love so much, who don’t know the truth of life – the one who created and loves them and desperately wants to draw them to himself and rescue […]


Every morning I go for a 10-or-so minute walk around the neighborhood to talk to God at the start of my day. And almost every day I end up both thanking God for all He has done and then explaining to Him why despite all of this, I’m still worried about raising all of our […]

3 Months and Counting

My goodness, how time has flown! SO much has happened in the past month, so brace yourself for an info-packed post… So here we are, 3 MONTHS from leaving, and at 75% of our monthly budget. Right. on. Target. I can’t begin to express to you how good God is and how He has shown himself […]

The Puzzles of Life

Just had an incredibly encouraging meeting with great friends, and what an encouraging meeting it was! One theme that came up in our discussions was how God can bring together the many puzzle pieces in our life to fulfill the visions and dreams he gives to us. You see, sometimes God places a series of […]