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Would you believe it? Zach and Lindsey have been approved by the Assemblies of God World Missions program to work side by side with Convoy of Hope Europe in Brussels, Belgium as Missionary Associates.

"What does all of that mean?" you may ask.. well, that's what this website is all about. In short (very short), it means that we will be moving to Belgium for two years to work with impoverished European communities (yes, they have 3rd world problems too!), and bring joy to a continent that desperately needs it.

It also means that we need YOU! For prayer and support. This website is here to keep you guys (our friends and family whom we love dearly) up to date on our happenings. So have fun exploring, and fill out the contact form if you have more questions for us to answer or topics for us to write about!

Latest Happenings

About Zach & Lindsey

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Raised in Kentucky, Zach had never seen the ocean, much less left the country until college. It was in High School, however, that God spoke to his heart and gave him a vision of bringing hope and joy to the people of Europe.

Lindsey was raised in Ohio by British parents, with the opportunity to travel to many different countries in her life. It was the summer before her Senior year in High School that she felt God speak to her about her purpose working for Him in Europe.

The following year, Zach and Lindsey met at Evangel University and developed a close friendship followed by a relationship based in love. Both before and after marriage they knew that they would find themselves in Europe one day, it was just a matter of how and when. They had both developed an appreciation for Convoy of Hope, which has locations in Springfield, Missouri and Brussles, Beligum. It soon became clear that Convoy of Hope Europe was the path for them.

After much prayer and consideration, they are very excited to see their dreams, passions, and callings coming together. They are even more excited and thankful for the opportunity to partner with you today and see God's love and joy spread across the world!